Session musicians 

Session Musicians and String Players

Bring your music to life

AKlass has musicians on its books that can play live or mime. They have played for some of the biggest names in the industry and have the versatility to play for all genres of music. We can provide any musician you need for your band or artist, whether it be a guitarist, bass player, keyboard player, drummer or any other instrumentalist such as strings or wind players, AKlass have an array of accomplished musicians to choose from.

Talented producers and writers

We also have producers and writers on our books if you require help in a studio environment for musical arrangements. Individual CV’s and Pictures can be provided on request.

session musicians

“Music is what feelings sound like”

Session musician services

Record, mix and master your song. Our studio and backing musicians are easy to work with and enjoy the process.

Get in touch so that we can discuss recording in studios, performing for radio, film, television and video production or entertainment services.

Hire professional session musicians

Record your song with live players who have worked with some of the best artists. We deliver the highest level of musicianship.

From instrumentals, acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, strings to vocals and much more our music production skills are renowned.

Session musicians include:

  • Bass, guitars and keys
  • Drumming
  • Jazz & function bands
  • Horns
  • Film and video production
  • Music productions
  • Mixing and mastering
  • String quartets or harpist
  • Pianist & solo artists 
  • Vocalists

Patsy stepped in and provided us with singers at the last minute for TOTP. The girls did a great job – I would thoroughly recommend the service.

Clare, Relentless Records, EMI Music 
Clare, Relentless Records, EMI Music

Aklass is my Number 1 stop for musicians and vocalists. Whatever the artist, whatever the genre, you can be sure that Aklass will supply what you need. They’re the most helpful and professional agency in the business!

Alex Lane, TV Promotions – Mercury Records 
Alex Lane, TV Promotions – Mercury Records

I’ve worked with Patsy on a few different projects -TV, live radio and recently a live performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Patsy is very easy going, super efficient and always delivers with the minimum of fuss. I can’t recommend her enough.

Jason Hart (Jake Bugg’s Manager) 
Jason Hart (Jake Bugg’s Manager)

Patsy, Thankyou so much for bringing such vocal gold to these shows!! Luv, James

James Bay 
James Bay

To Patsy!! Amazing job!!

Natalie La Rose 
Natalie La Rose

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